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Jul 6, 2008

...and now for some words of wisdom from the blogger:

Hay! ^.^

I know I've been blogging everyday (one must admire such discipline and dedication...not! this is actually time away from studying and in law school "time away from studying" is SACRILEGE) but now I can't. So I made up this schedule of updating this blog from Monday to Wednesday only since those are light days for me, so to speak.

Uhhh...these are notes and digests that I made while studying. Some of the notes are based on the outlines given by my professors. The others I made up because I find that making notes totally helps me study (unfortunately, I only discovered that when I was in second year...woe first year!). On that note, making digests also helps me understand and retain the case doctrines more, so that's why I've got a bunch of these lying around.

I'm making these things available on the net because....uhhh...I'm Catholic, which really has nothing to do with anything, when you think about it, but then so does pasta, so who cares? Where was I?

Well, at any rate, I'll just leave you with this:


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