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Apr 5, 2010

This blog's hiatus is extended for I don't know exactly how long. Changes shall be announced so keep posted right here.

In the meanwhile, you might notice the shiny new "read more" link after some posts. I've decided to install that particular code because I want to display 5 posts a page without killing your eyes entirely. It's a tedious process as I have to go back to all my old posts and manually edit them. Be patient.

Also, on a different note, I've decided to try out in-text advertising for this blog. I'm referring to those green-colored double underline hyperlinks you see all over my posts. If you hover your mouse over those links, a box-shaped bubble will appear containing content from an advertiser. If you want the bubble to disappear, just hover your mouse somewhere else. By the way, clicking on those links will direct you to the advertiser's landing page. I want to emphasize that YOU ARE NOT required to click any of those links.


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