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Jun 25, 2010

When Hapontukin sets in I...

1. Sit Down

Pfft. This is by far the simplest and requires the least effort from you. I've tried this dozens of time already during my stint at a call center. My supe was not quite tolerant of reps falling asleep in their chairs, even though there aren't that many calls coming in. I developed this technique simply because I didn't like sleeping at the sleeping room during lunch hour. So what to do?

Just sit there, place both your arms on the armrest, and close your eyes. If there's no armrest, cross your arms over your chest. Don't slouch because that's always a dead giveaway that you're sleeping. Instead, just sit with your back straight and close your eyes. Believe me, they won't even give you a second glance.

2. Drop-Your-Pen Act

Now, this reqiures a little bit of effort but don't worry the method is quite simple. All you need is a pen (a pencil will do, too). Be sure your pen is just an ordinary pen (not pilot) so it won't mess up when you try writing with it after employing this method of creative sleeping. The first thing you do is sit there in class. Make every appearance that you're paying attention to the lecturer or your professor (if you're in class). Taking down notes will even make it more convincing. So ok, while you're busy taking down notes, you "accidentally" drop your pen. Lean down as though to pick it up but instead of coming up, don't. Stay there and doze for a bit.

3. Four-Eyed Bean Pole

You need a prop. A pair of eyeglasses, in fact. In a typical lecture hall, the lights always come from the front. The lecturer or your professor will most likely be using a projector or LCD screen for his visual aid. Now, with eyeglasses, the glass is concave which means the light will bounce right off it, which further means that you can just close your eyes and your lecturer won't even notice anything amiss. All he sees is you sitting there, your eyeglasses and oily forehead reflecting the light from the projector. Wahahah! Ok, on to the next tip.

4. Cover Up

This one is a little bit complicated and needs some help from a trusted friend. First, make sure you're sitting beside your friend or a close acquaintance (the kind you can ask favors from without feeling embarassed). During the lecture, make as though you're talking to your friend. Look at him/her but use your hand to cover half of your face, primarily the eyes. Ask your friend, "Wake me up when he's done talking" and then sleep for the duration of the lecture.

5. Pray

This is classic. I've tried this a couple of times. This works best when you're in the library where sleeping's simply not aloud. Place both your hands on top of the table and rest your forehead there. Note that it will really appear as though you are sleeping (which you really are) but when the librarian approaches you or when she wakes you up rudely, make the sign of the cross quickly and then smile politely, "Yes?" She'll think she disturbed you from your path to heaven and will feel properly embarassed.

I'm sure there are lots more ways to sleep creatively. But let's leave the rest to more creative minds.


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