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Aug 1, 2010


Yes, they are. Sure their usefulness and pervasiveness might lull you into thinking they're the only completely dependable constants in your life until you practically live and breathe technology, whether it be your trusty desktop or (if you're a sucker for hype) the effin' cool new iPad, but mark my words, they are evil. They will lure unsuspecting victims into relying on them for almost anything (mind you, that includes bathroom calisthenics), and then they will randomly and utterly fail to work, FOR NO APPARENT REASON, other than 'oh, did I push the wrong button?' And no amount of fixing and kicking and begging (with real tears!) will revive the blasted things. You are doomed. You are doomed. You are so doomed I have to type the same sentence thrice. That is, unless you are willing to develop muscles in all the wrong places as you haul the whole thing, brains, intestines and all, to the service technician whose office is. of bloody course, located far, far away.

Well, booger.

Long story short, this bog is on hiatus while my computer is being repaired at the service center.


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